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My name is Deborah Scarlett. I am a licensed speech language pathologist in private practice with over 25 years of successful experience working with children ages 2 through 10.  My areas of specialty include:  articulation/phonological disorders, apraxia, autism spectrum disorder, childhood stuttering, and language disorders that include understanding, speaking, early literacy and written expression.  My credentials include a Master of Speech Pathology (MSP) from the University of South Carolina, a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).  My philsophy is that all children have potential to excel and that it my mission to make effective communication accessible and achievable.

What Parents Can Expect

A focus on your child's strengths and interests to create a fun learning experience, which results in more effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing communication.  

Family involvement that includes providing strategies to use in the home

Progress documentation each visit

Collaboration with teachers, caretakers, or other  health care professionals as requested

Confidentiality, Professionalism, Collaboration, and Flexibility

Services offered either in your home or my child friendly office located on Daniel Island.  

Experienced in Getting Results

My experience working with childrens' communication skills is extensive. I have worked with over 1000 children over the years and received hundreds of testimonials in over 25 years of practice.  

I make house calls. 

I conduct screenings at no cost in home or in my child friendly office. 

Based on the results of the screening, I will recommend whether or not a full evaluation is necessary.  Once the evaluation is complete, I thoroughly review the results with the parents and, if appropriate, provide a treatment plan tailored to the child's specific needs.  

If speech therapy services are covered by your insurance company, I  provide documentation of services for you to file.

Services can be invoiced monthly or weekly and paid by check or credit  card.  

I look forward to working with your child.  


From Parents and Colleagues

  Deb Scarlett was an answer to our prayers! She helped my 7 year old son go from a reluctant reader to a confident boy who no longer hated to read. The work she did with him with his speech was amazing as well. He looked forward to his sessions and was eager to learn new things under her guidance. She was patient and kind with him and constantly encouraged him. I will be forever grateful for the time and effort she took with my son.  

  Deb Scarlett worked with our son, Gavin, for a year. When Gavin started with Deb, he was speaking 2 word utterances. He was extremely clingy (to his parents), had echolalia and perseverated on toys with noisy buttons. Deb was able to build Gavin's trust to the point that Mommy did not have to go back for his therapy sessions. Deb walked with us through the process of discovering Gavin's autism diagnosis and pointed us in the direction of excellent OT and PT providers. She was part of the glue that held us together when we felt like our world was falling apart. She worked well with all of the providers and read each report that was given to us to help customize a plan for Gavin. After working with Deb for a year, Gavin's re-evaluation showed us that he had gained 18 months in his speech. We were thrilled! Our 4 year old was almost on par with his peers! That was such a huge milestone for us! Deb nurtured in Gavin a love of reading - especially the Mo Willems  Elephant and Piggie books!   

I have taught with Deborah for several years.  She is willing to help students and considers the individual needs of each of them.  Through her concern and professionalism, many students have overcome severe speech problems.

(Deb's) disposition and friendliness is a good model for all students.  (She goes) the extra mile to accommodate...screening children for testing.  

(As my students Speech Pathologist) Deb has always kept me well informed about my students' progress and has involved me in the speech program by sharing with me appropriate strategies for practice and reinforcement.

As the parent of a child enrolled in the speech program, I have known Mrs. Scarlett for some time now.  Shawn has been in the speech program since the time he was in kindergarten.  I have always felt that we were well informed of the type of help he needed, and the methods to use to give him this help.  We have asked for, and been given, answers to all our questions, no matter how silly, so we would know what to do and just how to about it.  I feel that she has really worked to keep me informed, involved, and encouraged at the same time.  By sending work and ideas home that we may use to help Shawn, plus the excellent efforts on her part, he has made a great deal of progress in his speech.  

Mrs. Scarlett, This letter of thanks is for the great deal of work you've been doing with Crystal.  Without your help she wouldn't be this far.  Keep up the good work--Crystal's mom.

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